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As a 12 year old boy my dog Butch’s car accident and rather underwhelming treatment disgusted me. So when I decided to become a vet I wanted to make sure I treated others’ pets as my own pet should have been treated.

After working in many practices across South-east Queensland, and as a partner in a group practice on the Good Coast, I eventually settled in Logan City - a place in which I had grown up and lived for most of my 45 years in Australia.

In November 2004 I purchased Waterford Veterinary Clinic. It was a busy single vet practice, and I had my work cut out for me. Even then I was developing the idea of Cityvet - a group of practices that would provide the kind of care I would like for my pet to the pets and residents of Logan City.

It was in October 2007 that the opportunity finally came - I purchased Chatswood Veterinary Clinic and Logan West Veterinary Surgery - and Cityvet was born!

The opportunity to relocate Cityvet Waterford into a purpose designed and renovated building came along in 2009, and we were able to establish a dedicated and fully-equipped veterinary hospital.

Sadly the stresses and financial challenges of the GFC took its toll, and in 2011 we had to close the Cityvet Hillcrest practice.

To this day I am proud to say Cityvet Chatswood and Cityvet Waterford are still providing the furbabies of Logan City, and their owners and guardians, the high level of care, treatment and empathy that my beloved dog Butch should have had some 43 years ago.

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Our Team

The Cityvet Family

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Dr Alan Cornick
BVSc BVBiol (hons)


Born in London, England in 1966, my family lived in a few different countries before moving to Australia in 1976.

When I was twelve years old my dog Butch was hit by a car. I carried him back home, called my parents for help and sat with him. Butch was in a lot of pain, couldn’t walk, and I was worried he would die. My dad came home from work, consoled me, and promptly called the local vet.

The vet came and checked Butch over. Butch could not stand up, yelped when he was moved, and had started to pass blood. The vet noted he had severe injuries to his back leg, and possibly internal bleeding. They gave him a couple of injections, and told my dad if he did not improve significantly in a couple of days to bring him to the clinic and they could do some X-rays and further treatments.

Even at that age I felt it was a pretty pathetic attempt at treating an injured animal (and beloved family pet), and a definite lack of empathy. Butch went on to eventually recover over a number of weeks, and lived for many more years.


As a 4th year vet student I had him x-rayed - he had problems passing motions. His pelvis and right hip had been broken in the accident. This had caused significant narrowing of his pelvic canal, and irreversible damage to his right hip. He had severe arthritis and life long pain. I was devastated - my beloved pet had suffered in silence and with a smile on his face for so many years. He also had an enlarged prostate because he had not been desexed - ignorance, male pride and stupidity on my part.


In December 1989 I graduated from the University of Queensland with my degree in Veterinary Science. My boyhood experiences had underpinned my decision to be the best vet I can be.

As part of my early professional life I married in 1999 and became a proud father to two beautiful children Rohan in 2000 and Sophie in 2003, of whom I am very proud and will love till the end of my days.


Waterford Veterinary Clinic was bought in November 2004. It was a single vet practice and the hours were long. However the idea of Cityvet - a group of locally-owned practices that would provide my kind of care to the pets and people of Logan City - was fermenting in my mind. The aim was the best possible veterinary care whilst considering the feelings, needs and circumstances of their people.


Why Logan City? I had lived in and around Logan City for most of the last 28 years.


The idea was realised in October 2007. Chatswood Veterinary Clinic and Logan West Veterinary Surgery came on board - and Cityvet was born!!


The opportunity to relocate Cityvet Waterford into a purpose designed and renovated building happened in 2009, expanding it into a dedicated and fully-equipped veterinary hospital.

Sadly the stresses and financial challenges of the GFC took its toll, and in 2011 Cityvet Hillcrest had to be closed.


To this day I am proud to say Cityvet is still providing the pets of Logan City and their people the high level of care, treatment and empathy that my beloved dog should have had some 43 years ago.


At Cityvet - we’re about pets, and people.

Iryna Poplavska

Veterinary Nurse

I'm a Veterinary Nurse at Cityvet. I really enjoy my work and can't imagine myself doing anything else. I started my career
as a volunteer nurse at RSPCA. Now I'm looking forward to being a surgery nurse.
I like to work with all animals, but cats are my favourite. I have three cats, named Shaun the Cat, Romka & Varie, and they are true members of our family.

Amy Booth

Veterinary Nurse / Receptionist

Hi my name is Amy,
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to work with animals. I started out in the industry when I was 13 years old doing work experience at a local vet. I watched my own dog get desexed, I remember the vet saying to me if I can handle watching my own pet have surgery then I’ll be able to handle anything.

I continued to do work experience at as many vets as I could and also did some online courses. A few years after I finished school I started my vet nursing course. I have now been nursing for almost 20 years. I have a real passion for animals and I am very much a people person.

I have three cats Missy, Trinity ( only has 3 legs ) and Teddy Bear and a dog called Shadow all of which are rescues. And some fish. I have a beautiful daughter called Emily. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my family and flying remote controlled planes with my husband and Emily. We love going away in our caravan as often as we can.

Dr Katy Hou
BVSc (hons)


Tearna Hauser

Veterinary Nurse

I started my Nursing journey with Cityvet in mid 2019. Cityvet has been my family now for the past few years and couldn't think of anywhere else to work.


After completing my animal studies course while still in High School, it was clear that I wanted to pursue a career with animals; prompting me to complete a higher education towards Veterinary Nursing. 

My partner and I have recently built a house and live with our 5 chunky guinea pigs Daisy, Cookie, Willow, Rosie & Coco, a kitty called Rhain and a dog named Digga.

Nicole Vanderberg

Veterinary Nurse

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Dr Thomas Thornton
BVSc (hons)


Nikki Heperi

Veterinary Nurse

Georgia Hartwig

Veterinary Nurse

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Dr Jerin Joy
BVSc (hons)


Andy Hsu

Veterinary Nurse

Brianna Page

Pet Groomer

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Dr Jesse Standage-Wardle
BVSc (hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery)


Emily Blennerhassett

Pet Groomer


Cert II Animals Studies

We currently have 3, year 10 Trinity College students who are completing their placement towards a Certificate II in Animal Studies through Tafe Queensland.

Jessica, Lillie & Dakayla.

We also have Bella working towards a Certificate II in Animals Studies and Kiara completeing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with us aswell.

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Dr Marian Leow
BVSc (hons)


Adele Wood

Business Manager