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Covid - 19


Here at Cityvet we are focused on the role we play in limiting the spread of COVID-19 in the community while keeping our clients and team members safe and healthy in this challenging period.  We are implementing changes to our consultation procedures in keeping with government directives of social distancing, disinfection and hand sanitisation.

In-clinic processes:

  1. We have implemented a robust disinfection protocol with a high level viricidal disinfectant with proven efficacy against COVID-19. All in-contact surfaces will be regularly disinfected.  As a veterinary facility our already stringent disinfection policy to limit spread of disease will now include human contact surfaces.

  2. Hand sanitiser will be available for your use while in the clinic. We also encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly on returning home and avoid touching your face.

  3. We ask that in keeping with appropriate social distancing only one client/animal carer enter the clinic at a time with the pet. To continue our strict risk reduction policy children are unable to enter the clinic, and will need to remain in the car, or stay at home with another parent or carer. In the event that this is not possible please notify our staff when booking your appointment or on arrival at the clinic as a drop-off consult will be required.

  4. We require all clients to now wait in the carpark or in your car for your appointment slot. Please phone the clinic to let us know you have arrived and ensure we have your phone number. We will call you when we are ready for your pet to come in.  Alternatively, leave your pet in the car and come to the door and let the nurse know you will be outside waiting when we are ready.

  5. We ask that if you are feeling unwell DO NOT come to the clinic. Please call us and we can discuss with you how we can help.  The same policy applies to our staff.

  6. Please try to keep a distance of at least 1.5m from our staff and other clients where possible. Our clinic reception areas and waiting rooms are marked accordingly to assist you in complying with social distancing requirements. Current government advice is that short periods closer than this are OK for low risk people. The vet may ask you to sit with your pet on the other side of the consultation room while discussing your pet’s health concerns with you. The close-up physical examination will be kept as brief as required, and either you or another staff member will be asked to handle or restrain your pet. Once completed we ask you and your pet resume a 1.5m distance from staff. Please avoid talking with the vet during the close contact period to minimise the risk of virus transmission. This will probably take a bit of getting used to for all of us!  We may also need to take your pet into a treatment room to get a nurse to restrain them for examination.

  7. For high risk clients or those that are concerned about contracting or transmitting the disease we recommend you arrange for a low-risk friend or family member to bring your pet to the clinic on your behalf. We ask you ensure you are contactable by phone during the consultation time.  If this is not possible Cityvet can offer a drop-off consult option as detailed below.  There will be no additional charge for this option to you.   

  8. Please pay by payWave rather than cash if possible.

  9. Please phone ahead to order required prescription medicine repeats or food, worming and flea control in advance so we can arrange to have them ready for you without the need to wait.

Drop Off Consultation Option:

Please phone the clinic when you arrive in the car park.  You will be directed by the nurse receptionist to an appropriate drop off point on arrival.  This may be an empty consultation room, or for animals in a pet carrier, in the waiting room.  Please keep close proximity brief or maintain more than 1.5m distance from other clients and our staff while doing this.  You can then proceed with your day, and the vet will phone you on your mobile to discuss your pet.  When the invoice and medications are ready we will contact you and arrange a collection time. You have the option of paying by card over the phone or coming in to the clinic and paying by payWave. Medication will be placed on the front counter for you to collect.  Your pet will then be returned to you as per the drop-off.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this extreme and unprecedented time.  If you have any concerns or feedback please discuss this with staff by phoning the clinic on 1300 248983.  This is an evolving situation and we will endeavour to keep developing our response in accordance with Government advice and new research results as it becomes available.  We all want to stay healthy so we are available to care for your beloved pets.

At Cityvet we’re about pets AND people.

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